“So we fasted and entreated God for this and He answered our prayer.”

Ezra 8:23

What is fasting?

Fasting is abstaining from food for a period of time to focus on the Lord and seek His heart. Jesus is our example. After He was baptized he was sent by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness for 40 days. He did not eat during this time and was being tested by the devil. Read Luke 4:1-14. You will see that He went into the wilderness “full of the Holy Spirit” (verse 1) but He left the wilderness “in the power of the Holy Spirit” (verse 14) and that is when His public ministry began. Jesus needed to fast to be effective in ministry, a student is not above his teacher, thus, there are times we need to fast as well.

What are the different types of fasts?

Absolute fast–eating and drinking nothing for a set period of time (although drinking plenty of water is usually recommended). This fast can be done for 1, 3, 7, 40 days. Wisdom is essential and hearing from God before starting this is important. This type of fast can also include diluted juice and herbal teas.

Daniel Fast – taken from the stories in Daniel 1:8-13 and Daniel 10:2-3, this fast includes vegetables and fruit and according to the interpretation of the original text indicates anything grown by seed. This is a great type of fast to use for a long-term fast such as our 21-day fast. It does not include any sweets or dairy. The idea is still to eat as little as needed to sustain strength. There are many varieties of this diet to be found online, including on Dr. Axe’s website. Water is the only beverage usually considered for this fast.

Partial Fast – Abstaining from one or two meals a day and then eating normally. It can also be eliminating certain foods for a period of time.

How long should I fast?

We suggest that you ask Holy Spirit what He wants you to do, how long a fast, and what type of fast. There is power released when a church fasts together, so we would love as many as possible to participate for as long as the Lord leads each one.

Additional Information/What to expect

You can expect that God will take note of your sacrifice.

You will experience some hunger and withdrawal from sugar/processed foods and may initially feel unwell, headaches are common. Don’t give up, you’ll get through & be healthier for it.

The Lord may show you some things you really don’t want to see about yourself, stay humble and let Him minister freedom to you from those things. Repent where needed, etc.

The enemy may attack you as He did Jesus in the wilderness. Speak the Word of God with boldness, put on some praise music, and pray all the more! God WILL give you the victory.

The Lord may speak to you in new ways, you may experience visions, etc. You may feel His presence in ways you have never yet experienced. He WILL reward your efforts!

How should I prepare?

          Make a plan in advance

  1. Ask the Lord what He would have you do, what type of fast, and how many days.

  2. If you have medical conditions that make it unsafe to fast, check with your physician before beginning any type of fast. Almost anyone can do a Daniel Fast without physical harm. Continue to take any medications during the fast.

  3. Write down 3 things you most want God to do in 2022. Use the section below if you desire.

  4. Plan to spend a greater amount of time in prayer and Bible reading during the fast. Pray for personal needs, family needs, church needs, local community needs, national needs, world needs.

  5. It’s wise to shut off or limit tv & time on social media so that you can increase the time you read the Word as well as the time spent in prayer. “He must increase, I must decrease.”

  6. Listen to hear what He speaks to you. It’s helpful to keep a journal or notes of what He reveals to you. Expect to hear from Him.

  7. Join the corporate prayer times on Thursday nights, in the sanctuary, especially during the fast.

“So we fasted and entreated God for this and He answered our prayer.”

Ezra 8:23

My Fasting Plan 2023

  1. I commit with God’s help to do this type of fast: _____________________________

  2. I commit to fast for _____________ days.

  3. I want to see God move in these 3 situations in my life/family:

  4. ____________________________________________

  5. ____________________________________________

  6. ____________________________________________

  7. I will also pray for FWC

  8. Pastors/Elders

  9. Healing Room, Worship Team, Children

 Ending Your Fast

Depending on which type of fasting you do, you need to use caution when breaking the fast and returning to normal eating. This is particularly true if you had an extended fast with just water and or juice.