Sunday, May 24th we will have our first service in person since the COVID19 shutdown! Yeah! The state has issued guidelines for church meetings and we will follow those guidelines.  In addition, we will continue to live-stream our Sunday services on FaceBook.  If you are in a high-risk category, or if you have a fever or other illness we encourage you to stay at home and watch the service online.

Social distancing and face masks are required in the state guidelines for everyone except those under two years old and those with medical issues that make it impossible. Children from 3-5 can wear or not wear masks at the discretion of their parents. We have rearranged the seats in the sanctuary to assure social distancing.

We are unable at this time to open the nursery or provide children’s Sunday school classes. That will resume when the state lifts this restriction.  Children are welcome in the service. Books, quiet toys, coloring books may keep them amused during the service. We are attempting to shorten our services during this time.

We are unable to have fellowship times with coffee and any foodservice until the state lifts this restriction. We are allowed to distribute what is in our food pantry and packaged items to be consumed off-site.

The Healing Room will announce soon when they will reopen. They are taking email prayer requests and will pray over the phone for people as they request. You can email your prayer requests to: