Meeting ID: 826 6745 5142
Passcode: 802340

We gather as a body once a week to pray for the needs of the church. Additional times of prayer are called as needed and as lead by Holy Spirit.

Scripture says, “ For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.” Matthew 18:20

Topics for Corporate Prayer

  1. Church families – we pray for the needs in our families, for healing, comfort, etc.
  2. Church Services – we pray for the coming Sunday Service as well as any other regularly scheduled meetings.
  3.  Church Ministries – we pray for each of the varied ministries of the church, Worship Team, Healing Room, Women’s Ministry, Children, Men’s Ministry, etc.
  4. Special Events – we pray for upcoming meetings with outside guests, i.e. special Healing Room conferences, Women’s Fall Conference, other guest ministry events.
  5. Church leaders – pray for our pastor, elders, ministry leaders.
  6. Missions – we pray for the missionaries and outside ministries we support.
  7. Church community – we pray for the town of West Boylston, for souls to be saved, for Worcester County, for Massachusetts.
  8. USA – we pray for our state and national leaders and for urgent situations in our nation or in the world.

The meetings start with a time of worship and then people pray out loud for these items or they pray quietly. If someone arrives with a particular need themselves, those gathered will pray for that individual as well.  Join us!